About Margaret

A Dewitt resident for over 17 years, Margaret resides with her husband Kok Wing “Ben” Cheah, and their adorable westie, Tim Chung (Sweet Joy)

Margaret holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Albany, and worked as a Social Worker in NYC before becoming an Attorney. Margaret attended St. John’s Law School at night while working during the day as a United States Pretrial Officer for the Southern District of New York.  After working for a few law firms (in NYC and Syracuse), she opened Driscoll Law Office in Armory Square. handling many different types of cases such as criminal defense cases, family court cases, traffic matters, personal injury cases, parole hearings, real estate matters, will drafting, civil small claims and eviction matters.  Margaret has served as an Attorney for the Child (Law Guardian) for Onondaga County for many years as well as a Referee for Onondaga County Foreclosures.

A significant part of Margaret’s law practice has been in criminal defense, which makes up the majority of the matters heard in DeWitt Town Court. Over the last 15 years, Margaret has worked closely with most of the 27 town and village courts in Onondaga County, serving on approximately 15 of their cores, including both of the sitting Dewitt Court Justices’ cores.  While on various Justices cores, you agree to take on Assigned Counsel clients, and represent them until the matter is concluded.  Margaret has represented over 2,000 Assigned Counsel clients in the Town and Village Courts in Onondaga County. There is no better way to learn the inner workings of the courts, get to know their staff, their calendars and procedures.  You learn what works well and what doesn’t. This is the EXPERIENCE Margaret Driscoll brings to the table- and this is what we need for our next DeWitt Town Court Justice.

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