Margaret Driscoll has been IN COURT for over 15 years.

Experience matters when choosing a Town Justice


In over 15 years of local practice, Margaret has served on over 16 of the 27 Town Court cores in Onondaga County. Including BOTH of the Current sitting DeWitt Town Justices. Margaret’s intimate knowledge of the workings of the town courts makes her a perfect fit for DeWitt Town Court


Margaret earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Albany and worked as a Social Worker in NYC before becoming an Attorney. This unique perspective allows an insight into issues facing our courts such as mental illness, addiction. DeWitt needs a judge that understands the issues facing our courts and our neighborhoods.

A Plan Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a stress and backlog on our Court. Margaret’s years of being in town courts allows her to see how many courts practice efficiency in calendaring & handling various case loads. Margaret has a plan to address the backlog and utilize what we have learned through the use of virtual courts and scheduling efficiency to handle the cases while respecting taxpayers time.

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